Monday, 8 April 2013

RAM Expander PRO for Android


            Feel Disgusted with low RAM space in your Android Smart Mobile..? Don't worry here is most useful tool for low end Android mobile phones. RAM Expander is an utility which is used to increase your android mobile RAM virtually. YES, It is possible. It makes a Swap in sdCard (i.e) with RAM expander you can make scard as RAM, this would be helpful, and significantly improve the speed performance of android. Download RAM Expander PRO from below link for free . :)

              Virt. Memory expansion up to 4.0 GB. Swapfile manager at top speed! This is the most powerful version ever! The best for you!  Up to 4.0 GB of memory with a click! Android 1.6 4.1 with root access and external SD memory card! More memory means that background tasks can not be terminated, and many programs, wich needs background services will now work correctly! 
Languages: English and German 
Play more Games then ever before, Games wich not run because you have to small memory will now work!  High memory apps, working on every device now! 

Note: You can either download RAM Expander PRO from below link or get it legally from Google PlayStore “” 

  • Free SD card memory as a RAM use (SWAP RAM / SWAP MEMORY)
  • Swapfile RAM expansion up to 4.0 GB
  • The usual performance degradation when paged not occur with sd card from class6
  • Widget for PNP swap (swap on / off swap)
  • Detailed Memory Information & Analysis
  • Autorun
  • Swappiness kernel parameter set
  • Easy foolproof use
  • (1 click optimization and automatic calculation)
  • Supporting Tung all Android devices (root access and Kernel swap support)
What's in this version : 
  • Automatic swapon swapoff for media change!
  • Design refresh and root detection improved
  • manual path direct input for problemdevices
  • New drive selector for selection for drives wich have user access.Should list all drives now.
Required Android O/S : 1.6+


Download File:


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