Thursday, 18 October 2012

Download Parachute Panic for java mobiles .jar

Parachute_panic.jar (Touch & Non-touch)
Size: 500kb, 660kb
Supported Devices: All java supported mobiles J2ME .jar

Description: Most famous Game of the year 2010 Parachute Panic is now available for java mobiles (full version). Seperate links for Touch & Non-Touchscreen mobiles is given below.  Anyone looking for a game that can be played casually needs to check out Parachute Panic. You’ll want to save as many of the little guys as possible.

        I really enjoy the graphics in Parachute Panic. They are made to create a hand drawn feel, with a graph paper background and sketch like drawings. They’re simple, clean, and well done overall. The animations such as the sharks coming to eat the divers, the parachutes opening, and the planes flying by are all smoothly executed. Parachute Panic is a crisp game and the visuals make it a great game to look at and play.
      The audio effects are also well done. The soundtrack is excellent to listen to with wonderful sounds; such as the clip played when all of your lives are used up and 5 parachutists have failed to safely reach a boat. The other effects are great too; they’re clear and don’t get on your nerves at all.

Download Links:
Touch screen mobiles        : Parachute_panictouch.jar (260x400)
Non-Touch screen mobiles : Parachute_panicNT.jar (240x320)

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