Monday, 6 August 2012

How to Start Video Calling to Facebook Friends From Skype

         Skype and Facebook starts there integration in Video Calling feature on 17 November 2012. Now the users are able to see there Facebook Friends on Skype Messenger and Start video calling to them when they are online. Skype integrates Facebook account into Skype messenger so the user can access to there Facebook account and see there Facebook friends in Skype.

First install Skype messenger in your windows, Sign in to Skype Messenger then locate the blue button like star at the right side of the Skype window and click this button. A tab is appears you must select Connect from Facebook to add Facebook account in Skype messenger.

After you adding your Facebook account your friends from Facebook are shown in Skype friends list. Select drop down button and choose which you want to shows your friends in the list. When you choose Facebook then all the friends of Facebook are shown in the list and the online friends have a green circle at the right side of there name.
Click on friends name and in the right side window choose call to have a video call to the Facebook friends.

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