Thursday, 9 August 2012

How to Increase Internet Speed in Nokia Phone Modem (100% speed up guarenteed)

       Many of you may use Nokia Phone to connect yourself to internet. Which uses 2G or 3G. This trick will help you in boosting the Internet speed of your Nokia Phone Modem by 100%.
1. Connect your Nokia Phone modem to your PC and connect it to internet by using One Touch Accessof Nokia PC suit.
2. Click on the computer activity icon which is similiar to my-computer icon and will be blinking off and on. and will be placed on your task-bar.

network icon on task bar
  • OTA status of the Nokia modem will be opened. Click on the Properties.
  • Select Configure option from the Properties window.
  • This will open up the Modem Configuration window.
  • Select the Maximum speed available in the Maximum speed option.
  • And press OK to save the settings.
  • Now Disconnect the Internet connection and Reconnect it to avail more speed.
speed up nokia modem
Thats it.. Now u can experiance better internet speed than before :)
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