Thursday, 12 July 2012

Run Android Games& Apps on PC with Bluestacks

                         Finally its made possible. A Good news for Android lovers. Now you can play your fav android games & apps in Windows PC with Bluestack Android emulator..:)
You probably already know BlueStacks App Player application, which allow you to play and use Android application on the Windows platform. 
Recently, the developers have already introduced the BlueStack App Player Beta application on the Windows platform after just alpha testing in the past.
Information About BlueStack:

                 Bluestacks’ grand vision of letting you run Android apps on Windows & MAC is one step closer to reality. The company today has released a free beta version of its software, which now supports most of Android’s 450,000 Android apps.

                The new release is a major upgrade over Bluestacks’ alpha version, which was made available for three months last year to early testers and was only able to run nine preselected Android apps. The new beta version, which supports Windows 7, Vista, and XP, gives you access to pretty much any Android app — though not all of them run very well.
                Still, it’s a big step for the startup, which made waves last year when it first announced its emulation technology. Dubbed Layercake, the software emulates Android apps written for ARM processors on x86 processor-based Windows PCs. Without such emulation technology, software between the two different chip platforms is fundamentally incompatible (without being recompiled). Emulation is nothing new, but Bluestacks is the first company devoted to bringing the rich variety of Android apps to PCs.
               “It’s really a whole new product,” said Bluestacks CEO Rosen Sharma in an interview with VentureBeat yesterday. The company has been working on the emulation technology for two-and-a-half years, Sharma told me, but now its original vision is finally coming into view.

                While the Bluestacks software won’t appeal to everyone, it could be useful for those who want to test out Android apps, or users who want access to apps that don’t yet have desktop versions. And judging from the company’s Facebook page — which has garnered 75,000 fans within the past three days, for a total of  286,000 fans — it’s clear Bluestacks has struck a chord with a sizable audience of geeks.
                 I tested out the beta release over the weekend, and I was honestly surprised at how well it worked. After installing the beta — a process that took around 10 minutes — I was presented with a simple home screen with some pre-installed apps, including Fruit Ninja and Evernote. Apps can be run in a window or full-screen view, and they performed adequately on my Windows 7 PC with a quad-core CPU and 8 gigabytes of RAM (don’t judge me).
                 Games like Fruit Ninja and Angry Birds were playable (though the latter had choppy graphics and sound at times), and productivity apps like Evernote worked without much issue. Strangely, the new Angry Birds Space performed almost flawlessly (see the video below). 3D-heavy apps, like Google Earth, didn’t fair as well, and brought Bluestacks to a crawl.

System Requirements For Bluestack Android Player:
Windows XP, Vista , Windows 7 and Windows 8.  It’s FREE!


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